Monday, July 19, 2010

Path of Least Resistance

In the Bylines calendar author's interview for the week, Laura Lee Carter spoke to me in a very profound way. Her words fit right in with all of my spouting of procrastination and lack of time. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is why I am so good at procrastinating?!! She says...

"It is far easier to keep to the path of least resistance, than to take a risk, stand up for yourself and make a difference. You don't need to analyze it to death. Just figure out what gives your life meaning and follow that path. Be courageous and live your dream."

Thank you, Ms. Carter, for the very wise words! I do analyze everything to death and frequently hesitate to take that risk and stand up for myself. Hence, the procrastination. It's hard to fail without an attempt--especially when half the people around just don't get it! But, writing is my dream and is what gives great meaning to my life. I will follow that path and be courageous. I hope you all do as well.


  1. Very good, Karin. Really, the worst anyone can say is, "No," and we've heard that before! I just taped to my monitor Emily Dickinson's poem, "I Dwell in Possibility." Let's consider the possibility and get busy!

  2. Dear Karin:
    So glad I could be of some help. I also tend to analyze things too much and in that way lose track of my own inner wisdom and strength.

    Believe in yourself! You are far more powerful than you know!

    Please see my blog: and my books like Midlife Magic for further inspiration!

    You go girl!
    Laura Lee aka the Midlife Crisis Queen!

  3. Jane, thanks for always visiting and providing such sage advice and support. I am grateful. It has been a long time since I've read that poem. I think it is a good time to re-acquaint myself with it!

    Laura, thank you so much for stopping by and for your kind words. I will visit your blog soon and look forward to further inspiration. Thank you!