Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Just Write

Continuing on with my post from last week and my attempt to just write before addressing any other items to do, the next hurdle becomes how to "just write."

Do you write and write and write and then go back to edit later as is the common belief in what one should do? Or, do you get easily caught up in the process of fixing as you go?

I continue to find inspiration in the daily meditations found in Walking on Alligators to which I refer very frequently. Here is what I read today..."To fret about what you are writing is not writing. It is editing, and editing can come later...For now, just write."

I try to write my first draft longhand on a yellow legal pad and just free write. It makes it easier to not go back and get caught up in the scrutinizing of each word as I go. It does seem to be helping me to "just write." How about you? Please share if you are so inclined.

Happy Groundhog Day!

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