Monday, June 15, 2009

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Here is a great discussion about voice. I found it very helpful and hope you do as well. Jan Field's is always full of great information. Check it out at

Finding Your Fiction Voice

By Bonita Pate Davis

Finding the right voice for your magazine short story could mean the difference between a finished story that really works and one that doesn’t—quite. Take a story, any story, and write it twice. Use the same themes, characters, and plots. But employ different voices. One works; the other doesn’t.

For an in depth review as well as wonderfully concrete examples, please see Bonita's article at


  1. Karen, I'm sincerely flattered that you like my article enough to praise it and post it here. I am also happy that it helped you. However, the articles at Kid Magazine Writers are copyrighted material and fall under "fair use" guidelines. The amount of material you posted far exceeds "fair use." Since Jan doesn't archive her articles, I could sell this article elsewhere. But not if you post it here.
    Therefore, I request that you remove the article other than any material that would fall withing the correct "fair use" guidelines as posting it here could damage my chances of a future sale. Please feel free to refer your readers back to Kid Magazine Writers for the full article.

    Bonita Pate Davis

  2. I am so sorry, Bonita! I will remove it at once and did not even consider it surpassing the "fair use" guidelines. Please accept my most humble apologies!


  3. Thanks Karin. I really appreciate your quick response. I only want to keep my reprint options open. But I'm so glad you liked the article well enough to recommend it to others.

  4. You are so welcome. Again, I apologize. I'm a bit new at this blogging business and did not evehn consider your reprint options! It was a great article and very helpful.