Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors by Margie Lawson

On the advice of a dear friend (thank you, Donna!), I ordered Margie Lawson's lecture series, Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors. Margie offered this course online, but I missed that deadline. I was able to order the lectures and download them which I would highly recommend for any of you out there struggling with self-defeating behaviors.

Margie's course is broken down into a welcome, nine lectures and a wrap-up. The course as a whole talks about numerous self-defeating behaviors--procrastination, perfectionism, time mismanagement, poor goal setting, just to name a few--and how we can deal with and conquer them in order to be best and most productive we can be. I don't want to give too much away as I think you should all consider this (very well-spent $20 for me) but did want to share just a couple tidbits of wisdom from the lectures I found particularly inspiring. "Think positively." "Set yourself up to succeed." "Get refreshing sleep." "Exercise daily." "SDB's are something we do, not something we are." "Live the life you choose today." I really can't reiterate enough what a wonderful and enlightening course Margie provides.

Margie takes you through a series of exercises and situations that lead you to try to defeat your self-defeating behaviors. She also provides author interviews at the end of each lecture which help you see and hear how other writers struggle to overcome their own self-defeating behaviors. I know both helped me considerably.

If you want to visit her website yourself or look into obtaining the lecture series yourself, go to www.margielawson.com or email Margie at margie@margielawson.com.


  1. Hi Karin...terrific write-up on Margie's course. I know by personal experience, it definitely helps. Way to go. You've come a long way!


  2. Thank you very much! It is a great course.