Monday, March 30, 2009

Virtual Book Tours Starting April 1st

Virtual Book Tours is a group of 30+ authors. Included in their group is a publisher of children's books; an editor; a coach and teacher of writing for children and freelance writing; a marketing guru; and an array of wonderful, and some well known, authors. What's great about this group is that they cover a wide range of writing genres - from ghostwriting to poetry. This allows their books/works to be visible to a much larger audience than if they promoted within one genre. Along with the ongoing virtual tours, Virtual Book Tours offers a couple of other marketing tools to help promote you and your work. They have a Link Exchange, Book Reviews (for those members who are interested), and a Library strategy. They also are constantly moving forward and always looking for new tools to create visibility and increase sales.

Get your book visible with the yahoo group Virtual Book Tours – the ONGOING tour. They are a group of authors who promote each other through tours and other marketing strategies at:

Here's the April 1st tour schedule:
Deborah Ramos is hosting Virginia S. Grenier
Dianne Sagan is hosting Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Harry Gilleland is hosting Liana Metal
Karen Cioffi is hosting Mark Bradley
Kathy Stemke is hosting Pam Devor
Lea Schizas is hosting Joyce Anthony
Nancy Famolari is hosting Kevin McNamee
Suzanne Lieurance is hosting Dorothy Massey
Vivian Zabel is hosting Penny Sansevieri
Margaret Fieland is hosting Deborah Ramos
Crystalee Calderwood is hosting Dianne Sagan
Joyce Anthony is hosting Harry Gilleland
Pam Devor is hosting Karen Cioffi
Mark Bradley is hosting Kathy Stemke
Kevin McNamee is hosting Lea Schizas
Dorothy Massey is hosting Nancy Famolari
Penny Sansevieri is hosting Suzanne Lieurance
Liana Metal is hosting Vivian Zabel
Carolyn Howard-Johnson is hosting Margaret Fieland
Virginia Grenier is hosting Crystalee Calderwood
If you'd like to learn more about the VBT group, just read some of the articles on their site You can also leave a comment there with contact info and they will get back to you.

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