Monday, April 18, 2011

The Writer Self-Image

I started reading Kelly L. Stone's LIVING WRITE: THE SECRET TO INVITING YOUR CRAFT INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE a long time ago but, for a variety of reasons and projects, haven't gotten back to it in some time. I picked it up this morning to browse through what I've read thus far and in what direction the book heads next. I found some highlighted words that really hit home.

Ms. Stone discusses the writer's self-image and the importance of a positive image of oneself as a writer. She further suggests that it is essential to have a positive self-image as a writer to bring writing into one's daily life as a habit. I couldn't agree more. If one views oneself as a writer, one is more apt to live and work as a writer.

Per Ms. Stone, "To create a successful Writer Self-Image, you have to behave like a writer by writing or taking some action toward your writing dream every day." Do you? I know I try to though fail miserably some days. Other days, I do very well at focusing on the tasks at hand. Do you suppose the difference is in how I view myself and my time on those days of less productivity? I am a firm believer in self-image playing a role in my level of productivity whether it be in writing or any other avenue pursued. I, for one, would do well to focus more on the positive when working toward accomplishing my goals. Ms. Stone made a firm case for the need to control and understand the emotions underlying the why in why we write..."whatever your reason for writing, whatever your why, the emotions underlying that why are integral to your Writer Self-Image."

Learn and understand your why if you haven't already. I know doing this will help me tremendously as will finishing this book.

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