Monday, January 10, 2011


I was reading a bit of Susan Shaughnessy's WALKING ON ALLIGATORS this morning as it has been a while since I have. I was thinking about organizing my week and day as the kids are home today with school closed for a snow day. Susan's very pragmatic words spoke clearly to me today. I am very guilty of waiting for the most perfect, opportune time to write and/or tackle writing related activities and do frequently get side tracked when something messes with my best laid (and well-intentioned) plans. Here is what she wrote:

"Are you waiting until your life 'settles down' to write? Lives don't settle down...Writing is accomplished in the midst of all the activity and emergencies of an ordinary life."

So true, so true! I, for one, am very guilty of waiting for the perfect time, with no distractions, no kids, no laundry, etc., getting in the way. But, you know what? There is NEVER a time with nothing to do, nowhere to go. We must, as writers, carve out the time needed and take it, chores be damned.

So, join me today in committing to following Susan's words:

"Don't wait to write until your job becomes less stressful. Don't put off your dreams until the day when tranquility comes along and gives you permission to write. Write anyway."

I will. Will you?


  1. Let's!!! Good reminder, Karin, and happy snow day!

  2. Same to you, Jane! It is still coming down here. Kids are having a blast sledding. I'm mulling the possibility of some sort of snow story for the Kindergarten Story Writing Contest. We'll see what comes to me.